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Distribution Dispatch Control Center (DDCC)

Introduction of DDCC

The term Distribution Automation generally includes distribution monitoring systems, demand-side management, automatic meter reading, and automatic charting. TPC has been committed to distribution automation since 1992. After more than ten years of hard work, several automation systems such as distribution monitoring systems, and AM / FM map information systems have been implemented. These systems are usually provided by different manufacturers and have different functions.
At present, there are 21 Siemens systems and 1 SNC Lavalin system in operation. These systems have been implemented since 2004 and are designed to manage 22 kV and 11 kV second substation in Taiwan.

Systems deployment overview

The DDCS mainly provides SCADA and has geographic map data processing capabilities, and provides complete operation screens, Functions of the DDCS are listed below:

(1) SCADA Function
  - Monitor and control of automated switches, and devices within substation
  - Map type display for electrical network topology
  - SCADA provides GIS display for operation
  - Collect PV data through DG-RTU from second substation to DDCS

(2) Device Location Function
  - Easily navigate to required display from alarm event list, equipment tag, road name, landmark, etc.

(3) Various Communication Protocols Support
  - ICCP communication (between DDCS and FDCS)
  - FTP (OMS/DMMS and FDCS file exchange)
  - NTP (Time Synchronization)
  - DNP3.0 (Communication with downstream devices)
  - TCP/IP (10/100/1000Mbps) and UDP (Communication with devices)