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Area Dispatch Control Center (ADCC)

Introduction of ADCC

Taiwan Power Company (TPC) Area Dispatch Control System (ADCS) are currently using a hybrid of SCADA solutions across its 6 Control Centers in Taiwan. ADCS SCADA systems monitor and/or control the following substations: Extra High Voltage substations (345/161 kV), Primary Substations (161/69 kV), Distribution Substations (161/22/11 kV) and Secondary Substations (69/11kV). Besides SCADA, ADCS also runs Volt/Var control to maintain and/or improve the power factor and regulates bus voltage in substations.

TPC plans to reduce the number of control systems from 6 to 5, namely New Taipei ADCS (combining Keelung and Taipei ADCS), Hsinchu ADCS, Taichung ADCS, Hsinying ADCS and Kaohsiung ADCS. Each Control System will have their respective hot backup system. State-of-the-art features such as Historical Information Server, Multisite, Reactive Power Device Control, Common Information Model, Cyber Security enforcement and development platform will also be included.

The functions of ADCS in the future are listed the following:
1. The dynamic display for monitor and control such as Geographic Information System (GIS) is included.
2. Provide the space that complied with IEC 61970 Common Information Model (CIM) to save historical grid operation information for more than 10 years.
3. The reports in tabular in-build could be modified according to the operator needs.
4. Support SMS function that the message can be check before sending.
5. The scheme of control in RPDC can be satisfying to the necessary for system reliability.
6. Provide Remote backup solution to protect ADCS from server failure.
7. The RTU apply DNP3.0 over Ethernet for communication to advance the reliability in data routing.
8. Provide the connection between DMZ and intranet to prevent the cyber security from hacking.