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Renewable Energy


Our company continues to promote friendly grid connection measures in compliance with photovoltaic policy. By December 2020, the cumulative grid-connected solar photovoltaic capacity is 5.565GW, 0.277GW of them were installed by our company, and 5.288GW of them were installed by private sector. Total production of solar electricity in 2020 is 6004.94GWh.

Wind turbine(WT)

By December 2020, a total of 384 units of wind turbine have been installed in Taiwan. 177 of them were installed by our company, and 207 of them were installed by private sector. There have been 915MW wind power capacity grid-connected, with a total accumulated power generation of 2,061.55GWh in 2020.


By December 2020, the cumulative grid-connected geothermal power capacity is 300kW.
Taiwan Power Company and CPC Corporation,Taiwan cooperate to install 8MW of geothermal power plants in phases in Renze,Yilan. The first phase of installing a 1MW power plant is expected to start construction in 2021, and commercial operation in 2022.

Mini hydro power

To comply with government policies and to establish a comprehensive green corporate image, Taipower signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) with the Water Resources Agency in 2013 on building simple type mini hydro generating sets with the use of existing hydraulic infrastructures, including weirs of reservoirs, hydro power plants, and irrigation channels.

Taipower has planned 13 projects, including Liyutan Reservoir Jingshan Hydro Power Plant Project, Hushan Reservoir Mini Hydro Power Plant Project, Chi-Chi Nanan II Mini Hydro Power Plant Project, Shizhen Connecting Tube, Chi-Chi Nanan Settling Basin, Chi-Chi Nanan Channel Free Drop of #9,#10, and #11, and Mini Hydro Power Plant Project of Chi-Chi Nanan Ⅲ& IV, Ecological Release Flows of Tian-lun Dam, Mun-Ann Afterbay I, and Ecological Release Flows of Shiling Weir. The projects feature a total installed capacity of 27,584kW and scheduled for commercial operation in succession before 2023.