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High Voltage Customer Service Portal


The peak load of Taiwan power system is daytime (10-18) during summer. Besides Taipower’s dispatch to remain system reliability, customers’ awareness of energy saving is also needed. In the case of high-voltage customers were fully deployed with AMI, Taipower has used communication technologies to build High-voltage Customer Service Portal ( to provide customers value-added services and create a win-win situation for the company and customers.

The frequency of transmission time from customers’ installed AMI to Taipower is daily. Through information and communication technology (ICT) and analysis, the data would eventually be presented by visual charts to users.

The website was officially launched in July 2016, which can help high-voltage customers manage power by themselves and help them control power consumption and electricity costs. The customer can apply for an account by MOEACA Application online or at the counter.

The following are website features. Detailed functions are illustrated in next section.

  ◇Real-time electricity consumption information

Customers can fully know their power consumption through real-time and complete information offered by the website and plan to reduce electricity costs.

  ◇Evaluation of Energy-Conservation efficiency

By using calculation function, customers can evaluate how to participate in demand response measures to reduce their electricity costs.

  ◇Responsive Web Design

This website adopts Responsive Web Design (RWD), which can automatically adjust the screen configuration according to the mobile devices such as the mobile phones or tablets used by the customers. It helps customers use the website anytime.

  ◇Data visualization

Customers can query the power consumption of recent periods compared to other periods by charts.

  ◇Electricity simulation

Using historical electricity data to simulate the future power consumption will help customers understand the load of their equipment.

  ◇Benefits of digitalization

Evaluate the benefits of customers participating in demand response management measures and help them change their power consumption or production schedules to reduce the consumption usage of peak load.

More info: (in Mandarin) or (in English)

 ◆Function Architectures & Services Descriptions

Several website functions and services are presented as follows.

  ◇Customer Information

Customers can query the highest load power consumption and electricity bill information of each period and compare the power consumption during different period.

  ◇Power Management

The website provides visual analysis of the power consumption information (by 15min, hour, day, week, month) which helps customers understand their own consumption and provides value-added services such as electricity analysis, trial calculation and load forecasting

  ◇Trial calculation of Demand Response Management Measures

The website provides a variety of trial calculation services, and the results could be used as a reference for evaluating participation in every Demand Response Management program.

  ◇Analysis of the customer daily load shape

The website provides customers to query the 24-hours daily load shape which was be analyzed by the system. It can help customers manage their power consumption autonomously

  ◇Other value-added Services

Considering a manufacturer may have multiple factories; or a service industry may have chain stores, the website provides sub-account management service, so the main manager can easily do central management. Other value-added services such as power report, shown as figure below.

All services of the website are listed as below:

  ◇Customer Information

   -Basic information

   -Comparison of electricity bills during different periods

  ◇Power consumption management

   -Power consumption analysis

   -Analysis of the customer daily load shape

   -Analysis of customers in same industry

   -Trial calculation of Energy charge of Time-of Use Rate (A)/(B)

   -Trial calculation of load

   -Trial calculation of contracted capacity

   -Trial calculation of energy charge

   -Analysis of equipment power consumption ratio

   -Load forecasting

   -Power consumption warning setting

  ◇Trial calculation of Demand Response Programs

  ◇Announcement and service

   -Announcement information

   -Customer Service Email

   -energy saving information

   -Internet counter

  ◇Account management

   -Personal account maintenance

    -Sub-account maintenance

   -Deletion of personal account

   -Power report subscription

   -Download historical power reports

 ◆Future development

Since the website has been launched, Taipower keeps refining the functions and services. In the future, Taipower will continue to refine this website according to customer needs and advance in analytical technology.

TPC e-Bill service

 ◆Service Description

The TPC e-Bill service with simple registration and customer number setting has been provided to TPC users for quick inquiry of power consumption data and easy bill management. It is presented via easy-to-understand electronic interface and micro-animation such that users can have quick access to bill related information to facilitate the self-management of amount power consumption behavior and to achieve the energy saving effect.

The main visualization design of the front page is based on the illustration style with the layouts of four seasons. And there are the renewable energy subjects of wind power, solar energy, and hydraulic power generation to attract users to TPC e-Bill service in order to achieve the goal of paper reduction and environmental protection.

 ◆Function Description

  ◇General User

“General User” can have access to the website related information including payment status enquiry, bill pre-estimate, website tutorial, FAQ, and news.


Users can register to become the “Member” of TPC e-Bill service. In addition to periodic bill notification and payment certificate in the form of email, users can also have access to historical bill data.

A member could login the TPC e-Bill service to have access to the functions of basic information management, bill inquiry, and analysis of amount consumption chart. To make the operation easily, the bill information of all registered customer numbers will be listed on the login screen, and the provided functions are the latest monthly bill, total amount, payment status, download the bill, and historical data.

 ◆ AMI Real-Time Inquiry

To facilitate the real-time inquiry of amount consumption data by AMI smart meter users and thus promoting the power consumption management, the “AMI Area” icon behind the customer number of AMI could be selected to enter the AMI dashboard function, which provides various functions such as comparison of various real-time amount consumption data, self-defined upper limit of amount consumption, analysis of amount consumption statistical chart, and rate service evaluation.

Note: Users could enquire real-time amount consumption data of the previous day by noon.

  ◇Annual electricity consumption comparison and Monthly Electricity trend

Annual electricity consumption comparison will be shown on the indicator dashboard and present the percentage comparison of total AMI amount consumption of current year and last year. Monthly Electricity trend for the two years next to the dashboard to directly compare whether the total consumption has increased or decreased.

  ◇Comparison of average total consumption in the same area/industry

The users could check their own total consumption and the average power consumption in the same area or industry. And it would provide different contents via different scenarios to guide users to change their energy consumption behaviors.

  ◇Self-defined amount consumption upper limit and abnormality notification

Users are provided with the function of self-definition of upper limit of amount consumption. When the amount consumption of this day is going to exceed the self-defined upper limit, it will automatically notify the user via email or message. If there is no self-defined upper limit, it will be compared with the average monthly amount consumption of the same area.

  ◇Carbon Emission

According to whether the amount consumption exceeds the " average total consumption in the same area " or " Self-defined amount consumption upper limit ", the icons of carbon emission and trees are provided to strengthen the connection between amount consumption and energy saving.

◇Monthly Consumption
The total amount consumptions of all months are presented and compared in the form of monthly pie chart, and different colors (green, yellow, red) are used to show whether or not it is increased as compared to the base month.

  ◇AMI statistics

The real-time and detailed AMI amount consumption charts are presented in graphics to show the statistics based on “year”, “month, “day”, “15 minutes”, and the daily (24 hours) comparison.

  ◇Rate Suggestion Pre-estimate

The trial calculation comparison amount of simple rate plan is provided according to the past AMI real-time amount consumption information of users to help users assess which rate plans are more appropriate according to their energy consumption habits.

  ◇ Amount consumption analysis chart

Users are provided with the power consumption charts of recent 48 hours for comparative analysis with the same timeframe of last week and last month.

 ◆Future planning

  ◇Enhancement of interactive design

We will continue enhancing the interactive service for users, and simplify operation interface and enhance the friendliness of website by user friendly and dynamic guidance approach in order to enhance users’ willingness of registration and use while achieving the energy saving efficiency of all people.

  ◇Increase of comparison data

In order to enhance the advocacy of energy saving awareness and the mentality of comparison and competition, users will be provided with bases of different targets of comparison to achieve the objective of user’s voluntary power saving and to greatly enhance the energy saving effectiveness.